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Note Appraisal

If you or any of your clients are collecting payments on privately held trust deeds, mortgages, or business notes, we can offer you a valuable service.

When someone is holding a note, it is vitally important for them to know exactly how much that note is really worth. However, determining its value is often overwhelming to the individual and time consuming for the busy professional.

CLP investments specializes in converting mortgages, trust deeds, and land contracts into instant cash, which makes us uniquely qualified to provide you with an accurate market valuation.

We are Professional Note Appraisers in the business of professionally appraising notes secured by real estate.

Advantages of an Appraisal

There are many important reasons for knowing the actual market value of a note. The market value is often very different than the remaining balance. Having a professional appraisal will be essential for:

• Evaluating portfolios
• Investment planning
• Business dissolutions
• Probate matters
• Estate distributions
• Trust purposes
• Determinations of net worth
• Analyzing return on investment
• Tax purposes
• Knowing what to expect if the note is sold for cash

The next time you need to determine the value of a seller financed note secured by real estate, call 1-800-884-1796 to order a Professional Note Appraisal.

Save time by using our expertise in the industry.  So we can provide you with a professional, confidential and timely appraisal.

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